Haveil Havalim #186 and Cooking Up a Storm

What does Haveil Havalim #186 (up and running at The Israel Situation) have to do with 'cooking up a storm?' NOTHING!

I was about to turn in at 2:00 a.m. after cooking (with my hubby the Chef) for hours, when I had this urge. . .a little voice (a bat kol from cyberspace) said to me mysteriously 'go thee to thy computer' . . . and so, because I have been absolutely out of the JBlogger-loop since Rosh Hashana, I did just that. Lo and Behold (I've always wanted to say "lo and behold."), two of my posts were linked; musta happened between baking the challot and mixing the Lokshen kugel, I guess.

So, you want to know what we are cooking for Sukkot (the first days, anyway)? I thought you'd never ask. Here is a preview of coming attractions:
Baked five beautiful (ptu ptu ptu) round honey-raisin challot; made fish (the loaf kind; hubby made his special poached trout for Rosh Hashana; I do the "loaf kind."), chicken soup, 48 matzah balls (we freeze them and dole them out in soup each Yom Tov, Shabbat, etc. until they're gone), two huge lokshen (noodle) kugels mit rozhinkes mit mandlen ("with raisins & almonds;" you have now heard almost the sum total of my Yiddish vocabulary), a brocolli-cauliflower-zucchini-scallion salad with special dressing, and hubby made a special almost-candied squash-and-apple dish--the same one which he made for the 'Yehi Ratzon' for Rosh Hashana: it was such a hit, that he made an encore;

We also made Israeli fruit soup which we will serve cold. I know it's supposed to be for Yom Ha'atzma'ut, but we make it for Sukkot. It's a family tradition already (-just ask my kids).

Tomorrow (by gosh, it's already tomorrow) we're roasting a brisket with vegies, our sleep-over guests are bringing cake, a chicken dish for twelve and taboule salad, and maybe I'll bake a cake and make Harvard beets. I'll see how much energy I have, after sweeping out our waterlogged sukkah, dragging in the folding tables and setting them up.

Ok, it's 2:37 a.m. Time for bed. Meanwhile, to the whole JBlogosphere, all my friends & family -and especially to my children:
Baby K'tan,
Nathaniel Blumenstein,
Toodles, and

Ve-samachta be-chagecha, ve-hayita ach sameach. . . !

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SuperRaizy said…
Wow, I'm impressed. That sounds like a lot of good food. Hope you all enjoy it!
(And BTW, the computer bat kol speaks to me also.)
ella said…
I can't even tell you how hungry that made me:) It sounds amazing.
Chag Sameach!
Chag samayach darlin' It read yummy - I hope it TASTED yummy.
Anonymous said…
Hag Sameach from the mishpachah (Baruch Eliezer, Chani, and Nachman Ovadia).
Lady-Light said…
superraizy: Yes, the food was incredible. Must have gained a million lbs. er...kilo...for my 'neshama yeterah,' of course; food for the soul. Except it always ends up on my hips (why is that?). That 'bat kol' speaks to a lot of us JBloggers, eh?
ella: Hungry for food for the soul? Food for thought? (Why can't I write poetry in prose like you?!!) But thank you, and chag sameach to you, too (I commented on your post).
Yehi etc.: Hey, long time no hear? How is son? How is hubby doing...? How is chag by you? It was yummy, in fact-gonna go into my sukkah with the squirrel holes and eat right now! (Maybe I should write about that...)
Anon: Thank you, and you too: as they say in Israel on chol ha'mo'ed, "mo'adim le-simcha, [and one answers...] chagim u'zmanim le-sasson!" Its' straight from the Torah. (Oh, and--haha--you call THAT 'anonymous'? )
ella said…
After all those meals I can't even think about food right now. Food for the soul is like dessert in that there's always room for more.
In your honor I think I'll grab a brownie and a sefer and head to my sukkah:)
Lady-Light said…
ella: Sounds like something I would do (actually did it: after I lit candles, first night, grabbed a kitzur and my machzor for minhagei leil chag sukkot and went into my sukkah for a good read.
(you go, girl!)
I didn't take any food, though; it was before the seudah...
ella said…
I'm reading an article by Sara Kamin (pronunciation?) on Shir Hashirim. I definitely recommend.

Have a wonderful Shabbos.
Lady-Light said…
ella: Why don't you send me an email with the title & author. I'll see if I can find it (bli neder). Am too busy to read much right now...
Shavua tov (sorry for the delay in responding to your comment.).

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